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Friday, November 18, 2011

From Booster to Mini Booster

This weeks blog is dedicated to my sister, Patti, who started doing these when her grand-babies were born...what a great idea!  You know how I love to show you pictures, so get ready...cause here we go!

This is what a booster pillow looks like, they used to be on the old day beds...back in the day!
Here is a view from the end.  They usually had pipping and a zipper down the bottom.
Here is a naked booster pillow.  Easy so far, right?
This is me marking a line down the center, and then cutting with a serrated edged knife on that line.

Still with me??  Ok, good.  Now, go to your fabric stash and see what you want to use.  You will need 3/4yd.
Owls are still a hot topic this year, so that is the one I chose.  You want a quilters weight or heavier fabric, unless you plan to wrap it in muslin first.  It just holds the shape and wear a lot better if the fabric is a better weight.

Now, you start rolling the fabric around the pillow.  Another thing to look at is - which way does the design go?  It is best to NOT have a one way print.  One where it is splattered all over is best, these owls just barely fit that criteria.  But, they did work.  You can see here that I wrapped it around, folded under the edge and pinned it across the bottom.  I will go back and do a slip stitch later and take out the pins.

Make sure that you are pulling that fabric pretty taut.  You don't want it walking its way around the pillow or bunching up at the ends.  Speaking of ends, let's do those next!

It is a lot like wrapping a package, and you do the front to back piece last...being sure to fold under the raw edges.  Hope I have not lost you, if you have questions....please post them down under the comment area.  Now for the other end.

Now I have all the hand stitching to do, and that is just a basic slip stitch!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I love making these and sell them for $15 each.  Here is a picture of some others I have made.
So...now you know how to get from large booster to a mini booster. In the picture below, it looks like I didn't cut it in half...it is just the angle of the picture.  I guess you could do some small small ones and cut it into thirds.

These are great for kids to drag around as chairs, pillows to lay on, how about the adult that sleeps with the legs or knees elevated!!!  I am sure that you can think of all sorts of uses.  Let me know what you think, leave a comment below.  And I hope to be back on in a couple of weeks.  See ya!!!