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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Straw Holder Re-purposed!!!

I have seen the old glass straw holders used for colored pencils and thought...wow! I would love one of those!  You can get the glass ones with Coke Cola on them at different places, but they are not inexpensive.  Then, I got  to thinking about it getting broken if I ever took it to a class with me.  So, as usual, I kept my eyes and mind open to different options.  Low and behold, I found the holders in plastic!!!!  Ok, there are gonna be several pictures with reasons why you should get one of these and not the other.

This is the first one that I got, and took it back!!!  It is from Target for $3.99 plus tax.  But, can you see that there is space around the base of the inside and the outside?  Stuff that you put in the container will get caught in there and you have to pull it all apart to get the loose item out.  Really gets old quick, not much fun!

Next, here is the one from Hobby Lobby, where you can use a coupon!!! and it is also $3.99 plus tax.  This one is snug, no extra wiggle room at all!  I do think that these are a seasonal item, so you better get out to the store pretty soon or they will all be gone.  

Now, there is one other place that I found the plastic straw holder.  I was so blown away by the price that I really can't tell you if it was snug or not.  JoAnn's Fabrics has one in stock for $14.99  lol.  Needless to say that I didn't get that one!!!  Even with a coupon...not gonna happen!!!

Want to see some more pictures of how this works??  Well, you know I am gonna show you anyway.

This is holding 65 of the Prisma brand colored pencils.  Now Sarah, when you read this...I didn't leave them in there, just used it for the photo.  They are back in your room in the case that you keep them in.  But if you want one of these holder you need to let me know ASAP so I can get you one.  For those of you that don't know me, Sarah is my 23 year old daughter that is teaching English in South Korea for a year.  She is very artistic and very inspirational!!!

Can you see how snug the base of the container is?  There in no room for anything to slip through.  I am going to show you a series of pictures that really show you how it works.

I really like how there is no lip at the top of the container for stuff to catch on!  Ok, so I really love, Love, LOVE this little container!!!  So, here is the question...How many of you are now looking for an opportunity to go purchase one of these and what are you gonna use it for??  Please post a comment and let me know!  See ya back here in a couple of weeks.


  1. I would probably use a couple of these if I had them.
    And I did totally look and was like... WHAT is she doing with my stuff? >>;;

  2. Just found your blog today. I would love to get a straw holder for the same reason you got yours, to hold my paint brushes. Where did you finally get the one that worked best for you?

    1. as it states in one of the earlier paragraphs... Hobby Lobby was the snug winning straw holder.