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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Furniture I Painted

I am really running behind of blogging...so I wanted to just post some pictures of some of the furniture that I have painted lately.  IF you are interested, just leave me a comment or send me an email.  giftofgabsave@hotmail.com and be sure to put blog furniture in the subject line.

 Love those legs!!! Measures 53"x15" and is 25.5" tall. Asking $100. for this sofa/front entry table.

These remind me of the tables my grandparents had! The top partial table measures 10.5"x15.5" Then the bottom main table part is 23.5"x14". The table measures 24" tall from top and 15.5" from the bottom. I am asking $40 each or $75 for the pair.

Jewelry box #1 - Top is 5" x 9.5" and is 11" tall. All hand painted, will be shiny after sealer goes on. Asking $25
SOLD for $20

Jewelry box #2 - top is about 5" x 9.5" and is 9" tall. Asking $22 

Asking price is $150. Tag on bottom of table says it was made in Italy. About 43" across, 17.5" deep, and 29" tall. 
  Sold for $100                  

11.25" x 20" and is almost 22" tall. All hand painted and sealed! Asking $75

10" x 12" and 16.25" tall. Asking $35.  SOLD FOR $30.

19.5" square x 24.75" tall. All hand painted, very shiny after sealed now. Asking $65

This end table is hand painted and sealed. Measures 16" x 23" and is 24" tall.  Asking $45.
Sold for $45.

This one was $150.  I accepted $130 and it is sold!!!

Jewelry box #3 - 8.5" x 12.5" and is 34" tall overall. Hand painted and sealed to a fine shine on top.
SOLD for $100

40" across the front, 18.5" deep counting the handles, and 30.25" tall. This dresser/ buffet is solid wood, hand painted and sealed. I am asking $195 

Ok. that is it for now, hope you have enjoyed seeing what I do on the off days of my life.  I love to paint and teach several classes.  I have beginners all the way to folks that have been with me for about three years or so.   It is my passion, a way to get lost and just relax!  I do two or three shows a year in our area.  If you look up JJPearce in Richardson, Texas....I can usually be found in their Pacesetters show each year.  Stop by the large front room by the fireplace and introduce yourself.  My furniture doesn't usually make it to a show, it is just so heavy.  I like to get really sturdy pieces that will hold up over time.  
See ya in a couple weeks...or so.