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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Great Day of Shopping !!!

Last week we were in McKinney, and now we are off to Farmersville!

Main Street Antiques and More.  Owner Doris Williams and her little shop are delightful! There are lots of little shops down there, but this one was my favorite!

And these sunflowers are fake!  Are they not pretty?

I think that lots of pictures are the best way to do sometimes!

And, ALL these clocks are ticking!!! A loud room!!!!


Hours M-S (10-6) Sun (12-5)

103 So. Main Street

This last picture was taken at my sisters place, just seemed to fit in with some of the other pictures!  See you all sometime next month.  August is my 30th Wedding Anniversary, so it might be a later post...But, will be well worth it!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey, thought I had fallen off the face of the earth hu?  Nope, I am still here.  But, I have been out shopping and want to share another good little stop... the pictures will basically speak for themselves.

And there ya have it.  Antique Mall at 213 E. Virginia, McKinney, Texas.  They are just down on the square. Had a fun time, the lines can be a bit long to check out and there was some mix ups there...but minor when compared to the fun we had shopping!  See ya in a couple weeks, and we will be coming to you from a little shop down in Farmersville, Texas.  IF you have a shop that you would like to see on the blog, you need to send me some information... giftofgabsave@hotmail.com   be sure to put blog shop on the subject line.