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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cream Cheese Heath Bar Dip

Cream Cheese Heath Bar Dip is great for an fruit or vegetable.  It is so easy to make.  You know me, lots of photos.  So...let's get started.  I made a double batch, so you will see some different measuring utensils out than what the recipe calls for.  And, the lady that gave me this recipe called it ....

Cream Cheese Fruit Dip - single batch...
1 8oz. bar of cream cheese
1/4 c of crushed Heath bars
1-2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/4-1/2 cup of powdered sugar based on your taste

So, with it so iffy in spots... you really do need to do some taste test quality control along the way...lol

I did get real Heath bars... no knock off.  Not sure how it would take with different kinds of candy.  The crunch of the Heath really adds to the texture.

I wanna say that I used 14 bars... but, I did double my batch and there was a bit extra... so maybe just 6 or seven bars for a single and 12 or 13 for the double.

Best way I know to get something into that "crumbled" state.... my meat tenderizing hammer!

I had the candy in a baggy, then folded the towel over and went to town.

Taking a peak from time to time to see how it was going.

Ok... enough of this... taking way to long!  Left it uncovered and really just went for it.  Finished in a few seconds.

Must admit, I did eat a few of those larger pieces! 

As you can see... it was a bit over the 1/2 cup for a doubled recipe.  I tossed it all in anyway.

I get off brands of stuff... much cheaper and generally taste just as good.  Memo to self, next time, remember set the cream cheese out to soften ... like 30 minutes early!

Also doubled up on this part... and then after a taste later, added just a bit more of the vanilla.  Still couldn't taste it, but was good.

Yeppers... my cream cheese are like bricks.  Took off jewelry, headed to sink, and scrubbed down like I was headed into do surgery.

I just didn't wanna chance tearing up my mixer with any of the larger chunks of the Heath bars.  It was all mixed in just a few minutes.

The sad part ... this is all it made.  Oh well... enough for everyone to do some apple dipping.  It really is quite good.  The most expensive part is that bag of Heath.  Thinking that I may freeze the rest of the bars and do this again sometime soon.

Thanx for stopping in and have a Merry CHRISTmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Greyscale Coloring Books and a Free Download with full Tutorial

I am fortunate enough to have a book from Nicole Stocker called Beautiful Nature.  It is a greyscale coloring book.  IF you have not heard of these books, they are a dream!  They are done in such a way that you can color in specific places and have a wonderful picture when you are finished.  Nicole has a couple books out and I hope that there will be a third one out this coming year.  Her work is wonderful and very easy to color.  I am going to put a couple photos here for you to get the idea....

 This is a photo of the book that all these images are taken from... can't tell you how much fun this is!

Below... is the page that you can follow along and do with me on my youtube video.  The video can be found at (gotta go make it first and then come back and put in the link...)

This is what my first try at this looked like... I did them as tulips.  I have found out that they are what is referred to as "Lotus Buds"... oh well, I like them either way. 

The above photo does not do it justice.  I will show the page when I do the video, maybe it will show up better then.  Other photos from the book are below....

These are really easy to do and you will see that as we begin to do a "color along" over on youtube.

This is a finished one that I did...

Then here (below) is one that a first time student is doing.  She had never done any greyscale coloring before at all!!!!

 So now then... I guess that I need to go and get the video made so that you can color along!  The link for the video is ....

There are two parts to the video, and by the end of the second one you will have something like the photo below.  AND, you should be able to finish it up on your own and be ready to order your book and work on by yourself.  Please let me know which book you order... it should be hours of fun!

Hope you had fun!
I always do!