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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas

My husband has lived in the Dallas area ALL his life!  He recently took me back to the Bishop Arts District.  What a blast!!!  I could not believe all the really cool shops in the area.  Where have I been?  What is this?  The best kept little secret around!!!  The folks are nice, the shops are clean, and some of the prices are really good!  So, you know me, lots of pictures....


We got the Lemon "something or other" and it was SOOooooo great!!!!

Yep... there is a different name on over the entry, they just changed it.

This is just ONE of the MANY displays.  IF you have never shopped in a "fare trade" store before, you are in for a treat!!!

They sell fresh flowers right from the case... or you can make an appointment to meet and plan your special occasion in this really neat room (below).

Hopefully, someone from this place will post... They are really into giving back to the community!

SOoooo.... IF you find yourself with some time on your hands, get on over to the Bishop Arts District and be sure to tell them that Tinkartist.blogspot sent you.  I am sure that they have no idea who I am and won't remember me from the next customer.  BUT, we really did have lots of fun.  I only took pictures and highlighted a few of the shops.  The fun is door to door, take the time to go see what it is all about.

Most of these places are small businesses, they are local and need our support!  I am small business, so I know what they are up against.  Take some time out of your busy month and head on over there.  It is a great little drive and some nice scenery.

I will see you back in a couple of weeks when I will show you my master bath makeover.  The plan was to replace the double sink.  No plan ever stays as small as we plan, and this got way involved!