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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paint Bottle Rack

Well, I told you that I had designed a rack to hold my bottles of craft paints, well....I got it!!!  SO excited!!  I have already sold four of these and my carpenter is a very happy man.  These are just raw wood, so you can paint or stain or whatever.  Here is a picture of how I used to store my paints...
They were organized by brand and then by color. But, what a mess to try to get to them.  I have stored them in the past on lazy susans, spice racks, tubs, shelving,... Nothing seemed to keep them compact and easy to get to.  So, I got with my carpenter, who is priced very reasonable!  And what you see below is what we ended up with.
This is a picture of just one of the units, I bought two to start with.  Each unit holds 80 bottles of the crafting paints, mine are mostly Folk Art with some American.  I just find that those brands are the thicker ones and I get great coverage.  

You can see in this photo that there is also a carved handle in the top in case you want to move them around, lift and go.  (above photo)

Now in these two photos (above) you can see the front and side views.  I designed it with a slant to each shelf so that the paints are laying forward and the paint comes out a lot better, and I don't have to do as much shaking!

In this picture you can see my two units stacked.  I left a few blank spots in each color area for expansion. See that tub at he bottom?  Yeppers, I still have more paints.  I have ordered one more unit that is just 40 bottles to hold my gems, glitter, and metallic paints.  It will stack on the top and I can still comfortably reach all the yummy rows of paints!!!  How neat is this?  What do you think??  

You have questions??  Oh, the measurements and how do you get one??  Ok, for one unit... $30 plus tax   I know that companies change prices over the months and years, so just know that this is the current price when I am doing this posting, you will need to contact them and see what the going rate is when you are going through my archives and find this posting.  The unit is 4 1/2 inches deep (it might fit behind a door for you!), 29 1/8 inches tall (it might fit under your desk), and just 21 inches across.  It is a nice size to hold so many bottles of paints, we wanted compact as a must in the design!!!  Where do you order yours??  Uncle Bob's Workshop www.unclebobsworkshop.com   214-534-9975    He is out of Garland, TX  so if you are shipping, you might as well pay the shipping for a couple of them!   You can email Bob at unclebobsworkshop@verizon.net  I think that you could have one of these made to hold your spices too!  He can also make them larger if you want, I personally like this size.  The one that I am ordering to hold the remainder bottles of paints would work great for a tabletop display of your paints.  

Ok, I didn't post last week, did anyone even notice??  Any comments to this weeks posting??  Would love to hear from you.  See ya in a week or two. - Pam


  1. Looks Great! I can't wait to get my second one. I filled my first one in no time.

  2. Awesome design and great price!

  3. Another great blog and giveaway!!!!