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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrift Store Hymnal turned Cookbook

If you were with us last week, then you remember that I was going to show you my Cook Book.
Ok, here we go.  This is a picture of my $2 hymnal turned cookbook from one of the many flee market/thrift stores that I visit each year.

I will mainly be showing a lot of pictures, I don't think you need too many instructions.  You will need to figure out what tabs you want for your categories.  My thickest part of the book will be for my desserts, that is what I enjoy baking the most.  As you can see, I still need to do the labeling part.  Also, the book will get fat if you pile in too many really thick embellishments without allowing extra pockets for the depth.  We will talk about sinking them down into the pages in the next paragraph.

There are a few places where the 3D stickers or embellishments are really thick.  I simply figured out how many pages it would take to get the depth and cut out a square that the embellishment could sink into.   It is kinda like one of those books that has a hidden compartment inside, except that we went ahead and filled that spot.

You could also add pictures of what the dish is supposed to look like, or a picture of who you got the recipe from.  Be creative and have fun with it.  Be sure the title page is altered to reflect who it belongs to or will passed down to.

I keep mine out on the kitchen counter.  It is a great conversation piece to have around.

Here are a few more pictures.  Be sure to start shopping for food and baking stickers right away if you are going to make something like this for the kitchen.  Sales are the best time to purchase and you can get more and stash them away for when you need them.  I now have plenty!!!  lol.

You could also use an old hymnal for a scrapbook, this would be a great gift for your music minister from the choir.  I also tear out pages and paint on them and then sell them at shows, folks can put them in a floating frame that shows the frayed edges of time worn favorites.  I would not suggest you tear up a hymnal in good shape, be sure to use one of the older ones that is already falling apart, they frame up nicely.  Lots of churches are getting away from the old hymnals and you can find them fairly easy.

So, get out there and start creating!  Be sure and add yourself as a follower.  Next week we will take a look at some organizational tips, as I am really doing some deep cleaning in my art/craft room.  Have a great week and I will see ya later, Pam

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