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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chandelier turned Bird Feeder

This has got to be one of my all time favorites!!!  Somewhere out there, I saw a white chandelier that had been made into a bird feeder.  Wish I could remember where, it was very pretty and looked quite elegant!!

You all know how I love a great deal and am very frugal.  Well, I am training the husband on what to look for also!  He is the BEST!!!  We drove into our neighborhood and he comments that there is a new garage sale sign up and that it is just down the street.  He knows better than to ask me if I want to go, he just takes me there!  lol.  He parks out front and gets out his reader while I walk around back, I don't feel rushed cause he is reading.  After about 15 minutes...I return with a huge black iron chandelier $3, a wire rack for a friend $1, and a floor globe that stands about 3 feet tall $2.  Lets just talk about the iron chandelier this time.  I should have taken a before picture, SHAME ON ME!!!  Now, I take pictures as soon as I bring something home!

I took it to my carpenter and he cut off all the top thingies (yes that is a word) where the lights were supposed to be screwed in.  After that, all the electrical stuff was removed.  I went to my thrifty places to find some custard bowl...I needed six.  Dollar General...strike one.  Dollar Tree...strike two.  Target is right there and usually higher, but what the heck...99cents each!!!!

Next, I go home and use E-6000 glue (from WalMart or craft store)  to glue the bowls into the cup area that is at the end of each arm.  Then, I went out back and hug it off the side of the porch and put in the birdseed.

My birds are used to the feeders out by the smaller trees, the question was would they come up to the house and use this one.  This thing is large and heavy, and it had to hang off the side of the porch.

There is a saying that "If you build it, they will come."  So, be sure to post a comment and let me know what you think.  See ya later!


  1. great job on the repurpose! :)

  2. Hi Pam!
    I'd like to know if I can use one of your photos from this post and link to you in my weekly Pinterest roundup. I'm not able to find a contact for you. I'm hoping you'll get this message.
    Thanks so much,
    Cathi - Simple Sojourns