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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fabric Police Please!!!

Well, I said that I would show you the cabinets and why they are holding up the table this week.  So, let's get right to it.

See, there is the $7 cabinet on the left and the one I already had on the right.  The one I already had is just a bit shorter, so there is a piece of wood between the tabletop and the cabinet to make up for the difference, doesn't even show!  Now, the cabinet on the left after I covered it with some sticky backed paper that I got at Big Lots for $1 a roll, it took two rolls. Take a look at this link of the contact paper that is out there, wouldn't that be nice on the file cabinet!!!

Is that not awesome!!!  I love it.  Can you tell it is blue or was blue?  Well, when you open the drawers you can, but who cares!

This is an open drawer, and you can see right here at the bottom of the picture where I didn't cut the paper straight and there is the old blue metal.  You can see it again in the picture below. Look at all the blue!!  Just makes me smile to know that I get it so cheap and redid it to match my room!  So there is a small dent in the side there, I don't care cause it works!!!

The above and below pictures are from my other cabinet, the one that I bought years ago that is woodgrain looking.

Yes, I have quite a stash of fabric, and if I could remember where I saw this done at ... I would give them credit.  I love my fabric in the drawers, I can see it all at a glance and it is organized.  I have kids stuff, holiday, solids, novelty,... and it isn't out getting faded in the sun or dusty on a shelf!
And then, I still had some extras, so it is in the containers below.  They slide right under the edge of my desk.  Those are the ones that I don't get into as much.  Hope to work down to where I can put my felt in there soon.

How to get the fabrics to fit... you will need some of the hanging file folders (sit and cut them all in half), and the big frame thingy if you are using a file cabinet.  These Sterlite Boxes have ridges and you won't need the stand for them, mine were from WalMart.
The way that I prepared my fabric was very basic.  Fold it in half long ways so that it looks something like this next picture...

Then, fold it again...now it should be about the width of the file folder.

Below, one of the file folders that I cut in half.

Now, start folding your fabric so that it is just a bit smaller than twice the height of the folder.  

Now, when you fold it over the folder it won't drag on the bottom of the cabinet interior.  Sometimes, I had to be creative with how I folded the fabrics.

Now you are ready to put it into the drawer.  How cool is that?  I really like my drawers all done up like this, just need to stay out of the fabric stores for a while!  Like that is gonna happen.

Next time on Tinkering Around... I was out shopping with a friend and we met a lady that makes angels and stuff out of rocks...this is a must see and I will share when we get together again.  Till then, do something creative.  Leave me a comment, let me know if anything on the blog is helpful and what you are doing in your neck of the woods.  See ya in a couple weeks.


  1. You are so much neat and clean in your knitting and sewing work. So accurate and perfect finishing...

    crochet cotton

    1. thanx... I do enjoy it... four years later and it is still like this!