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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Best Wedding of 2012

Ok.  Not just a lot to tell here except that if you are familiar with BBC's "Dr. Who", then a lot of this will make more sense.  One of the past Dr.s wore a striped neck scarf.  The TARDIS is blue.  The Dr. is noted for wearing tennis shoes.  This wedding was built around what the Bride and Groom wanted, and it was one of the best weddings I have ever been too.  It was so fun and not your traditional wedding at all.  The bride and groom even walked in to the tune of Dr. Who music.  Cake balls instead of a groom's cake and cupcakes instead of a bridal cake.  Oh, and the sign in book was a journal with a pen that looked like the sonic screwdriver.  Well, that is it...I am sure I have left out some details...   Picture time!!!!

Did I mention that the "best man" was Andrew's sister, Sarah?  She flew in the week prior from South Korea where she has been teaching English for almost two years.  What an honor! 

Oh, Laura's BIL was the "flower girl" and he was so funny!!!  See the Dr. Who scarf that he made?  Priceless moments!

Here she comes!!!

Andrew, Laura, and her father...Brian Peacock.

Does the officiator look familiar?  That is Darrell, Andrew's father.

Vows...and Andrew "RickRoll'D" at the end.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Proctor

Special moments. Ok...stop the presses...Can I just cut in here real quick and tell you that I think that she is just such a beautiful bride.  She is always pretty, but...oh, you know what I mean!!!  Ok....continue on.

Proud Parents.  Yes, I am next to Laura, and Andrew is next to his new MIL.  Such a blessing that we all seem to get along!

The original "Peacock" sisters!

The Wedding Party!

ALL relatives that were in town for the wedding!

Just our family with our parents.


Getting a bit more comfortable!

Centerpieces that the bride and her sisters made.

 Bridal bouquets that Laura made.

Judy and Pam, the moms!

There were leftovers of everything.

I made a few too many cakeballs.  The directions oh how to make them is one post back in this blog.

My sister and her entire family!

And, last but not least... so of the co-workers from Tom Thumb.

The "cards" suitcase.

Yeppers, the send off was with glow sticks! 

And there you have it!  What an event!  I would say that the stress leading up to a wedding can get to anyone, but in the end... this one was one of the most fun ones I have ever been to.  Special thanks to Steve Foster for taking the pictures, maybe we can get him to sign in under comments and leave some contact information!!!  And then, Thank you to Andrew and Laura for allowing us to share in the most blessed and awesome evening of you sharing your vows with all of us!

Well, wasn't that fun!!! I will be back in a week or two with something new... I am working on a project (or two or three), and will be sharing it soon.  Take care and God Bless.

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  1. Well looking at the number of pictures, you have posted over your blog, I can make out the how cool was the wedding and the party. It seems that you have put so much time to post all the pictures, really sounds great to see these pics.