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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chicago in Seven Days

Stop... go grab a cup of coffee and some cookies or something to snack on.  There are tons of pictures in this post and this is gonna take some time to load.  You might as well get comfortable.

This posting is mainly to catch family and friends up on what we did in our seven days in Chicago.  First of all, if you go... get hold of me for the prices and deals around the city.  The "Go" pass gets you into over 20 sites and attractions for one price with a five day limit.  Then, be sure to get the seven day pass for transportation that will include the "L" rail system, buses, all transfers, and the trolley.

I have tried to think of the best way to organize this, and I think that it will not be by day, but by event or building visited.  There will be tons of pictures and very little written material.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the journey.

Above the city, flying in and out.   Started in Dallas and went to Chicago, then coming back there was a two hour layover in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Millennium Mile is lots of shopping, including the Hershey's Store.

The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art was very ... different.

When in Rome... lol... meet my hubby, Darrell.

The gift shop did have some cool stuff though.

There was The Bean.  A large mirrored thingy in the shape of a giant kidney bean.

Food in Chicago was great!!!  We only got a few pictures though...

Our son's name is Andrew, so we were amused.

We shared this meal from Red Lobster.  Sharing meals allows us to eat more often and get to try more different things.  We also get out cheaper so that we can do more in the long run.

Let's go take a look at the Navy Pier.

The picture above is the Tall Windy.... we did get to go on that too... you will see our pictures from there later.

Here are the best pictures from the Shedd Aquarium.

Huge freestanding aquarium in the center of the complex... would this kinda make you wonder if it was safe?

The picture above was on one of the side walls, the picture below was on the ceiling.   I have to admit that once you have been to the aquarium in the Moody Gardens down towards Galveston area... I have not seen one that is any better than that one.  But, it was still fun to walk through.

The Field Museum.  There is a section just off of the lake that has three museums and the ball field fairly close together.  It was a push, but we got them all in within the same day.  IF you are one of those that just can't stand to see stuffed dead animals.... skip this next section.  Sorry, but I take it as a learning experience, and some of these are wooden and painted just really well.  I love to add birds to my paintings, so for me, this is all reference.  The first three pictures are from a walk through about being shrunk smaller than bugs.

Now that bird section...

My "turkey" with a turkey!!!

Same museum, but now we are the plants and flowers.

Soldier Field is next.  They were showing the soccer game there that afternoon on a large screen, so it was closed up when we went by.
 Looking out from the park.

Have to admit, almost anywhere you go in Chicago... there is a great view!!!

Right down the street is the Adler Planetarium.  Spectacular views... they were doing a wedding shoot when we were there too.

There was one of these boards for each planet... pretty cool.

The Museum of Science and Industry was huge and took a full day to go through.  There was just no way to get anything else crammed into that day.  There was the weather section, mini trains, transportation and lots more.   This first section was the weather.... pretty cool.

Miniature circus area...

There was a castle full of hand made miniatures.  It was narrated so that it told you about each room as you walked around.  Totally awesome!!!  Absolutely beautiful!!!

The above panel was over the left side wall and shows the Wizard of Oz scene.

They do love their miniatures.... here are the trains and the life sized planes hanging from the ceiling.

I think that this is one of my favorite pictures.  There is hubby between the buildings, and then the train is also headed straight for me.

The U505 was there and of course, we had to have pictures.  I was never one for history, but I did enjoy the IMAX D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944.  If history had been like that through school... I think that I would have enjoyed it more.

We are still in the Museum of Science and Industry.  Told you it was huge!!!  

The IMAX is made of aluminum, and this is a picture of the speakers with the back lights on.  Those suckers are gigantic!!!

Next is the Disney in History.  We did pay extra for this exhibit.  I was born in California and lived just a few blocks away as a kid.  I have a Tinkerbell collection and still enjoy all things Disney. 

My favorite ride has always been "It's a Small World".  So, here I am with one of the characters.

Another one... who doesn't like this little cricket?

With "Goofy" this time instead of the turkey.  He does this too himself... so don't go thinking that I am being bad.  What a character he is!!!

When I start smashing/scrapbooking this trip... I plan to do some fun stuff with some of the costumes with our faces being added....  see below.

 I am going to just put in some photos here that were just taken around different areas... still the same building though.

This section (above) was about the heart and how you work out effects your body.

Who can remember the old "banana" seats that we had on our bikes?  lol

Vertical gardening.  Was a complex with people, cars, plants,...

"Whispering Hall"... you stand at one end and someone else at the other end.  Whisper and you can hear them like they are right behind you... kinda eerie!!!

Ready to get out of here??  Yes, we are finished with the Museum of Science and Industry.  Now we are headed over to the Children's Museum... It is actually located by the Navy Pier.

Very cool and educational two story area for kiddos.  We didn't take a lot of pictures because of all the little ones around.  Keeping their privacy.

Next on my list is just down at the end of the Navy Pier... The Stain Glass Museum.

Little rest area that is right there in the edge of the stain glass museum area.

Let's go take a boat ride.  The Architectural Tour is a very informative tour about the city, the architect and the history of the city.  You need to dress in cool clothes when out on these things.  We had to cut the trip short when a little old lady overheated and we were met on the shoreline by an ambulance.  She looked to be doing fine when they wheeled her off on the gurney.  Half way about 3/4 of the way through, they put her in the captains area in the shade with some water and a fan.  

These things wear out over time and need replacing.  Last time they did, someone didn't do their homework.  Ended up flooding a lot of the lower areas in a number of businesses in the area.  Took quite a while to get all the water pumped out and the repairs made.

Some of these buildings are almost self sustaining.  You can park by car or boat, go shopping or out to eat, work out and then go up to your apartment.

This was the original Post Office for Chicago and even has its own zip code.

Most buildings that we know of are built with a cornerstone.  Not necessarily so in Chicago.  The ones with the big "X" like this... those are the supports!

Yes, the Trump building.

These are the water sprays that let off water every hour.  We had to go really really close going back cause of the emergency with the lady.

The city was going up so fast and they didn't want to do anything to the river or the bridges, so they sold air space over those areas.  This building, above, is actually all connected to the metal that is above the building and runs straight down.  Not built from the bottom up as usual.

Folk... I got a sunburn this day.  When asked.... I am from Texas, yes, it gets very hot here.  So hot that we don't go out, therefore we don't burn.  lol

Chinatown?  Yes!  We went to the Chinatown Dragon Boat Races.  What fun!  We even met the team that was running a boat for Allstate... my hubby works for them here in Texas.

There is a huge, yes... huge! Drum in the front of each boat and they are loud.  There is lots of yelling, rowing and cheering!

Next stop.... The John Hancock Building.  Also known as the 360.

The Tall Windy... so out to the Lake we go.  This time it is on a large full sail boat, and it was VERY windy!

Our tour guide.  

On to one of the best known and most reputable museums in the world... The Art Institute of Chicago.  The wonders that place has!!!  WOW!!!  Here are just a few...

That is a BIG painting!  Some were huge and some were really small.  This was an all day venture and there are wings in the gallery that you can only get to from another room and an elevator.  Don't see why they couldn't have put a door from one room to the other, would be easier on the patron that is for sure.

Misc. pictures from around town....

Above... the fog rolls in and out like nobodys business this time of year.  Below... He was great!  Should have been a tour guide instead of the doorman.

See those prices for parking... that is why we didn't drive and didn't rent a car.  Take the rail system.  The "L" is the best way to get around in Chicago.

The rain in Chicago is making the city full of blooms!  The lilies and hydrangea are a spectacle in themselves!

The river there is filthy!  And, they know it.  They re-routed the river years ago so that it would flow the opposite direction and actually pump it to Missouri, there was even a court case over it and Chicago won.  Seems that they would try to do something to clean it up, but everyone we talked to said that no one cares.  That is sad.  With all the beautiful buildings around and nice scenery, would be a really nice place to go see again.

Windy much??  Yes, but not the reason they are called the "Windy City".  The city is windy,but  according to most local legends, its name is because of the hot air bellowing from politicians. 

Great niece's name.... had to take a picture!

This is a large water feature, it had people in the water all the time.   There were also photographers doing shoots all over the place.

Another cool street sign.... above.

The Tower Place is a seven story mall... don't let the fool you.   It only has a few stores on each level.

Below... American Girl store that is in the Mall...

The Lego Store...

Dr. Seuss Store/Gallery... same Mall.


The "Trolley" is a great way to get around parts of town, but it can be quite a wait and get full quick.

Wriggley Field was not part of our package.  We did get into the game for less than $10 a ticket.  We were in the nose bleed section, but it was fun!  And, cold, man... it was so cold!!!

Above... you have to ask where it is, but there is a "First Timers" area where you can get a certificate like this for free.

We were on the top row, and this was the view off the back side of the field.  Then, below, those are the rooftop seats that went for $150 each.   Ours for under $10 each were just as good.

So.... this concludes our trip to Chicago.  Hope you enjoyed.  I did a LOT of research before we ever went.  We enjoyed the tour without a car and can't wait to plan another trip like this in the next year or so.  Please, leave us some ideas for places to go in the comments section below.  I would love to hear from you. - Pam 

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