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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artist Travel Case

Hey there everyone.  As promised, I am going to open up my travel painting case and show you what I like to take along on painting seminars and such.

I actually have one case that is an old makeup case that my daughter was gonna toss out.  Of course, knowing that her mom saved everything, she offered to me.  I know a good deal when I see it and snagged that puppy right up!!!

Now, let's have a look inside.  I will just list some of the stuff that I keep in it - far left is splattering tool and brushes, compass ruler, extra pens and pencils.  Center, up the middle in the eyeshadow brush area - plastic spoon (just sounded like a good idea at the time), stylus, soap stone, exacto and couple detailing tools.  Center open compartment - pliers, scissors, assorted tapes (painters and clear), round rubber thingy to put under my pallet to keep it from moving around, hand battery operated fan, pencil sharpener in a baggy to hold the trash part til I can get to the trash can, collapsible water basin, cotton swabs, dobbers, water bottle, alcohol wipes, sandpaper, tracing paper, carbon paper, pallet paper (the papers are all folded into quarters and put into one baggie, pallet knife, tissue and bandaids.  Then, on the far right side is extra paper towels folded into quarters, and some of the hand/feet warmers from the store.  Yes, all of that fit in this one little case.  Pretty amazing isn't it!!!  I have to be really careful packing it or it won't close.  The little pink ribbons are glued in to help hold stuff in place when carry it around.

There is another item that I use a lot when painting too, this basket.  I made the liner out of plastic canvas and made it to hold brushes down the center and two rows of paints on one side, and books on the other.   If you decide to make one of these, I would suggest that you get one with a fixed handle.  I used to carry a utensil organizer, but the handle moved back and forth and would mess up the tops of all the brushes.  So, I knew that this one had to be fixed, un-movable.

Between these two items, I have all that I need when painting.  All I have to carry separately is my canvas or whatever my surface is.  Hope you have enjoyed this weeks post.  Next week, I am going to show you my completed art/craft room.  See ya later, Pam

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