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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Organization...Day Two

Not sure that we can ever get fully organized, but I sure am trying to get the one room finished up!!!  So, last week I said that I would touch on that one space that everyone has and almost no one utilizes.  Do you know what it is??   There is about a two foot by one foot space above all door, especially closets, that is just there.  I have done several things over the years to take advantage of this unused space. I do apologize, but there won't a lot of pictures this week.  The craft room is a wreck and not worthy of any photos right now!   Here are a few ideas...

  • In a craft room or your bedroom, put a couple nails up there and hang small gift bags full of tags, cards, scissors, bows and tape.  When you go to wrap a gift, everything except the wrapping is right there!  Be sure to use a gift bag with the hard handles, not the limp ones that you can't get up and down without a chair or ladder.
  • How about a shelf up there for all your extras for the bathroom...store extra soap (makes the closet smell nice!), toilet paper, shaving cream, deodorants,...
  • In the kids rooms, how about a shelf for hand me down shoes to grow in to.
  • Guest room, what about an extra set of sheets?  It is not like the guest are staying forever, so you don't really care what is up there as long as you remember it is there.  You could put extra stuff that they might need while staying with you, but make sure it doesn't get outdated.
  • Out in the garage, paper towels that are sealed in plastic, paper plates, napkins, party or hot cups,...
I could go on, but you get the idea.

See ya in a week, and hope to have more pictures then.  I still have to finish rearranging the furniture after I get on a fresh coat of light tan paint (it is bright purple right now) and get all the nasty carpet pulled up.  Just wanted to show you the current color of the Art/Craft Room.

My daughter leaves next Wednesday for So.Korea to teach English for a year, so things are very busy here.  Next week I will share with you what is in my travel painting case and how I carry my paints and brushes to Seminars.  See ya in a week, and I promise to be more together then!

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  1. looks so neat!! I recognize the red open rose on wall...I've also done this one and taught it to beginners at least 4 times...lol great job!!