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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make Everyday a GARLAND Day!

We are on vacation this week, so this will be as short as last weeks post.  But, I am hopeful that it will be useful to someone out there!

First of all, I do a bit of blog reading and stumbled across this one and just loved the idea, but wanted to change it up for everyday use.  So...go take a look at her blog with the holiday garland made from cards and other holiday stuff that you have laying around.  Such a great idea to re-use cards and to use up those bits of scrap-booking and jewelry making supplies!!!   http://inmyownstyle.com/2010/09/how-to-make-a-friends-and-family-christmas-tree-garland.html     Go take a look see, I will wait, go on...

Ok, now wasn't that a cool idea!!!   I needed some sort of a garland or something to give the area over my art/craft room window a bit of color.  So... I took some wire and started wrapping it around a pencil, slid it off and just cut down one side of the spiral to make all my rings.  IF I can make something without much trouble, I am more apt to make it than to spend the money to purchase it.  You can do this same technique to make jump rings in your jewelry endeavors, just use a dowel rod in the size of your choice.

Here is a picture of all the supplies that I used.  Oh, and lots of stickers to make my little "banner/tags" that I wanted to hang.  

Then, I pretty much did a lot of what was done in the blog that you (hopefully) already saw.  I cut different scraps of cardstock to use as my base for each part of the garland.  I did not include photos, but you could do this in a child's room and add lots of pictures of their friends.

After all the little tags were made, I used my rings that I made and started putting them together.  At this point, a bit of planning is good if your garland has to fit a specific area like mine.  Don't forget to take into account letting it drape here and there for interest.

Wouldn't this be a cute idea to do with little triangle banners cut from card stock, stiff felt, or even that great fun foam that kids love to craft with?  Don't get me started with how you could alter this and do up all sorts of fun stuff for parties and stuff!!!

Here is a picture of the window area before....

And now, when you look at the after...remember that it isn't finished.  There still needs to be ribbons and yarns hanging down from the little black rings and other embellishments added too.

The reason that you are not seeing it finished...I want YOU the reader to be inventive and come up with your own embellishments if you are doing one of these.  I think that sometimes we are inhibited by what we see and feel that we just must copy it to the detail.  Kids are not inhibited until they are older and siblings, friends or adults have told them that the sky can't be green and the grass must be.  Why??  Let them be creative, let them color outside the lines, there will be plenty of time for rules later in life.  Be free!!!  So...the sky is the limit, use what you want to embellish with!!  Doing a kitchen garland with recipe cards and photos of food??  Why not embellish with silverware wrapped in wire that you strung beads on!!  I hope that helps to explain why I just always tell all.  It really doesn't matter!  I often tell my painting students, "Make it YOUR own!"  IF they were to comment on this, I think that they would agree.  Don't get hung up on copying something that someone else has done, just use the base of the idea for a jumping off point.  Well, now I ramble. 

Have a great rest of the week and maybe next week I can share some of my shopping treasures from this week.  I love a good flee market!!!  - Pam

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