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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting "little" Items NEATLY!

Have you ever tried to paint little pieces without getting more paint on you than you have on the little items?  This is gonna be a short post, but I find it very helpful.

First, put down some painters tape, tucking the ends under.  Pour out your little puddle of paint into a recycled butter lid or a small square of wax paper, no need to waste a full sheet of pallet paper for the small jobs!

Now, just paint as much of the item as you can in your hand and then stick the item down and finish painting it.  It REALLY is that simple!!!  It the item is really small, just stick it down to start with.  You have the ends of the painters tape stuck down, so the piece shouldn't be going anywhere.

Above, you can see the flat bottom that I am not painting, it is what will get stuck down on the tape.  I have already begun to paint part of the ball, just to speed the process.  I could have just as easily painted it all after sticking it on the tape.  

When the item(s) are dry, do another coat if needed or just proceed with your project.

Well, hope this saves you some paint, time, and less mess.   Are you tackling a project and would like some input??  Be sure to post it on a comment!   See ya in a week!

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