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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uber Easy Recycled Boxes

Today, I am just doing a short post on a couple of boxes that I recycled.  You know, anytime that you can recycle instead of having to toss it out or purchase new, you are doing a service to not only our environment...but to your wallet!!

Here is a candy box that my son had tossed into the trash.
Just need a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper, scissors, paper glue, pencil, flat ball feet, and some embellishments.  I cut and glued paper all around the outside and the top and just the inside top, oh and on the bottom.  Just anywhere there was writing that I didn't want to show.  I didn't mind some of the inside decorative papers, but the inside top had a layout of the candy...so that had to get covered up.  Oh, and the box still smells yummy!!  You ready to see the after?  Wait for it...

That top pearly piece is all one peel and stick by Prima.  
They have a ton of stuff for scrapbooking and all sorts of altered art.  This would have looked fantastic with some of their large flowers around one corner!  I could have also taken another flat ball that I used for the feet and put on top for a handle knob.  Let your imagination run wild when you do a project like this.

Let's take a look at another box that I did.  This one was purchased at a clothing place and came with a bottle of perfume inside.  My daughter doesn't throw much in the trash, I just find it on my art table.  See on the before how there is a ribbon coming through the slit...that has to be dealt with when covering a box like this.
Now, because it came with a bottle in it, I also had to rip the inside out.  An easy fix to that was to just line it with felt.  I used an exacto knife to cut a slit in my paper to let the ribbon slide through.  Used some more balled feed and stickers to coordinate with my papers.  

Now, before we go...I also have to tell you about the bestest (and yes, that is a word!) glue company around - Helmar.   They have a glue for every project you can think of.  Glue dots for making things dimensional, fabric glues that will grab the fabric really well, paper glues that don't ripple and buckle, glues for jewels, and a glue that is so strong that you can bond most anything!!!  http://www.helmarusa.com/     I just wish that I had more of their product!!! 

Ok, this week I listed two of my favorite folks - Prima and Helmar.  They are also on facebook with all sorts of giveaways all the time, be sure to tell them that Pam sent you!  Please take the time to go take a look around their websites, they are chock-full of ideas and product!  See ya next week, Pam.

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