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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tips and Stuff in General

Ok, this week...I would just like to share some tips that I have been sharing at shows.  I was surprised that folks had not heard of some of these, so I am sharing them here.  Feel free to post any other tips under the comments at the bottom of this blog.

Are you noticing that your dishes are coming clean but looking a bit milky?  There have been so many changes in the past few years in dish detergents and some of the cleaning chemicals are being left out.  A great cure for this is something called Lemi Shine.

I was at WalMart one day looking for this product that I had heard of and met a lady there getting Finish and Lemi Shine.  She taught me how to fill the cups in the dishwasher to get nice clear glasses again.   I fill the pre wash with just one of the little cubes, and then only fill the main wash about half full.  Close the door on the solutions, close the dishwasher and run just like you always have in the past.

Now, see the glass on the left, that is what the glasses looked like in the past...before Lemi Shine.  The one on the right is afterwards!  What a difference!!!  I had to dig to the back of the cabinet to find one that still looked so poorly.  You know...I think I need to be sure that they all get through the dishwasher with the Lemi.  

Next up.  There is a fabulous product that I keep under the sink for quick access on almost any surface imaginable.  I have used this on carpet and clothes to get paint out, on an old pot that had burnt on the stove, stains on the counter top, on my plastic water basins that get covered in paint,...  In fact, I do not know of anything that I have not used it on!  Just follow the directions on the bottle.  Oh, the product... Dawn Power Dissolver.  

Ok, the other cleaning bottle that I keep on hand is the Germ-X, or your own favorite hand sanitizer.  As a decorative painter, I keep this on hand for any paint that I get on my clothes.  I do not have to rinse it out right away as I would the Dawn.  Also, hand sanitizer is great for doing a good deep cleaning of my paint brushes.  And, there is that just being able to clean your hands without water.

Now, this isn't a product, but a way of living!  Do NOT pay full price for anything unless you just have to.  I have wanted a clock to hang from a side wall between my kitchen and dining area.  Having seen several two sided clocks at flea markets and antique shops, I knew that they were not cheap.  But I am ...  frugal.  I was at Hobby Lobby and there was my clock, $49.99 and it was on sale for half off.  Awesome!  I picked up the last one and proceeded to the check out.  I explained to the clerk that the glass was not attached properly and that the entire thing was going to need to be repaired/glued back into place.  After my additional discount, I think I got the clock for about $21.   So, don't ever be afraid to ask for that additional percent off.  We work hard for our money and it is up to us to make it stretch as far as humanly possible! 

Ok.  That is it for this week.  Next time, I want to show you how to re-purpose those old booster pillows that used to be used on daybeds.  See ya in a couple weeks!  

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