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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy January

Well, by now, I figure that most folks have the Christmas decorations all packed neatly away and hidden in the garage, attic or other recesses of their homes.  Then, there is all the after Christmas shopping that I personally did, and then had to purchase a lidded tub to pack it all in.  Sometimes, I think we get too bogged down in the rush to sit back relax.  Our daughter comes in the weekend from So. Korea for a visit.  She moved there last February and is getting her first visit home, then she goes back for another year.  So, I have been cleaning and de-cluttering as much as I can.  She almost feels like company.  I have sold quite a bit of stuff on the new area garage sale sites.  Sure is fun, but a lot of work, and the house looks like we were robbed but that no one took anything.  I will have it all put back together tomorrow evening, I hope.  I feel like I am rambling this time, instead of putting a good blog tutorial together for you.  Sorry.

There won't be many pictures this time, but I do want to encourage you.  Clean out those bird feeders, give the bird bath a good scrubbing, and get rid of the new weeds as you see them come up.  Here in Texas, we have a rather mild winter in comparison with other parts of the United States.  I have put out seed already and have my cardinals and some babies coming around.  I do have to watch for that large cat that makes itself at home on the glider though.

This is the year that I am encouraging ladies (and you guys!) to take our homes back.  How much stuff do we have sitting around cause someone gave it to us, and we think that they will notice if it isn't out when they come over?  IF it doesn't really make you happy to see it, or if you don't use it...sell it, give it away, or throw it.  But, get it out of the house.  You are not getting rid of the person, and that item that is cluttering could open up space to put something that you cherish and really makes you happy.  I am sitting in a living room right now that has just piles of stuff everywhere, my husband is gonna freak when he gets home.  But, I get to tell him that it is all stuff that is for sale on the online facebook garage sales.  That garage sale site for the Wylie/Garland, TX area has been a lifesaver for me to get rid of a lot of my "stuff".  I have had five people come and pick up stuff today and have yet one more coming tonight.  

Oh, you locals wanna know where that garage sale is?  lol  http://www.facebook.com/groups/261143380579890/?notif_t=group_activity   and there is a smaller one at 
http://www.facebook.com/groups/253994051322896/    if you join, be sure to post where the pick up is from, some of the towns are further away.

Well, I do have to cut this short, my Sarah will be in from So.Korea on Saturday and I have a bed to make and some cleaning to do.  Next time we meet, how bout I teach you how to make your own banner stand?  I think you will like mine, it is in the ground and not off the roof.  It is different...and...interesting.  See ya in a couple weeks if not sooner!  - Pam

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