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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outdoor Banner Holder and Keeping Up with Meds

Let me just start this with the Meds part.  How many times have you had to give a child medication only to forget if you had done a dose or not.   This lady, Gina, has come up with a spectacular idea.  Someone should make this into sticker and send it out on all medications that are to be taken until gone or for a certain number of days. And here it comes....wait for it....  http://pinterest.com/pin/35043703320207725/ 

How Awesome is that!!!!  Now, we don't have to remember any more, just keep a Sharpe next to the bottle and go.  Or, how bout a pc of velcro on the bottle and around the Sharpe.

And now, on the the outdoor banner holder that I made.  I went to Home Depot, they know me by face now...and do free cuts for me ALL the time!!!  Got some pvc, you need to decide how much you need by how large your own banners are.  I had to go and grab some rebar and have it cut to fit the height that I wanted, and then pick out my pvc to slip over the rebar so that the pvc wasn't too small.  This is not clear is it.  Let's just go outside and take some pictures real quick, this should take long...I will be right back.  See that didn't take too long.

These first two shots are showing you how the rebar is is hammered into the ground and just a bit shorter than the pvc.  Now, let me say that I did use a sledge hammer to get the rebar into the ground and I put it about a food deep.  I didn't want it going anywhere in the wind we get.  Then, the second picture shows how I actually just slid the pvc over the sunken rebar.  Following me so far??  Easy enough, right.

Attach the corner on one side and then move to the other side.   

Here it is all put together.

This shows you how the corner will go together after you slide your banner/flag on. 

Here it is all put together.  It is a big on the large size, but I can always cut it down, I just wanted to be able to put on large banners.  Hope this is helpful.  I really like being able to change out the flags without having to climb a ladder and have to climb up to the roof.  

For those of you that have been keeping up with Sarah, my daughter, the visit was way too short!  She was here for three weeks and we saw over 45 folks and ate out at all her favorite places.  I got so caught up that I didn't even get to blog.  But, I am back now and plan to keep up the blog.  See you all in a couple of weeks.


  1. Hi Pam! I just got a comment from you on my blog and I thought I'd come by here an answer your question..I have the Korea time clock on there because we are a US Army family, stationed in Korea and our family and friends back home like to be able to go to the blog and see what time it is for us, sometimes it's hard to remember the time difference between us and where they are in the States. Anyway, it makes setting up times to call or skype much easier for them. :) Looks like you've got tons of great ideas you are sharing on here...I'll definitely be back! :)

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