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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just a Few Of My Favorite Things

Blogging just a bit different than usual.  I have recently turned my old game room into the dining room.  It is a larger room, overlooks the patio through a large bay window, and is just an all around better location in the house.  Doing it up in a bird theme just seemed like the thing to do.  So....I wanna share some pictures of some of my most favorite "bird" things with you.  So...without any more words, here are some photos!!!

Ok, couldn't just not put anything.... These two are a couple of my favorite music items.  The one on the right was my mom's and she gave it to me last year.  I purchased the one on the left off ebay to match.

This is a large painting that I did a couple years back.  Up close you can see the feathers, and I had a blast doing it!

These are from my mom as is the one below!

The above bird plate is from my husband's side of the family.

The four plates here (above and below) are from one of our little vacation trips.

Another one of my paintings.  A replication of something I saw online.

The lamp is from Cracker Barrel.

Had to have these amazingly sparkly guys when I saw them!!

The one is the chair is on a metal tray.  I painted that one and then glued on the measuring tape, buttons, and scissors.  Then, added the little crown on the bird's head with a rubber stamp and embossing powders.

These little guys are great!!!!  I never have to clean the cage, as they are not real!!!

Couple of over-sized tags that I painted birds on.

These two guys (above and below) are magnetic.  Most of the bird is on the outside of the glass cabinet, and the other part is magnetized from the inside.  More from my mom.

Just some little miscellaneous birds. The birdbath was from my daughter, as are some of the others that you have seen just sitting around.

A Wal-Mart find.

Another one of my paintings on an old silver plated tray.

A canvas that I painted.  I used some quilt pattern pieces for the layout.

A special plate that was gifted to me from one of my painting students.  I leave it up year round.

Three foot puzzles with glue all across the back make great wall hangings.

There are also some special birdhouses sitting around here and there.

I have fabric to make my quilted placemats, but just have not made the time yet.  Still have not decided if I want to put up curtains, sheers, lace, or just leave the mini blinds there.  I am leaving the blinds there for now. Well, that is it for now, and I hope that you have a great week!!

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