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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flower "Bed" - I Sure Did!!!

Alright, I have told folks time and time again, don't let the color of something keep you from a great deal.  See the metal head and foot board below.

This is just the foot board, the head board is a bit taller.  And, drum roll please.... IT WAS FREE!!!!

This is my new best friend.  Valspar...I generally use Rustoleum Primer and then the color of choice. But, they didn't have the color variety that I was looking for at Home Depot and I didn't wanna spend the day shopping... I know, shocked at not shopping!

Put it out on a tarp and shook the hound out of the can and gave it a good covering.  Love that the primer is built in. 

In about 30 minutes, I carried them out to the back and propped them up to do the other side.  They were still tacky to the touch and I didn't want them to stick to the tarp, so they had to be propped up.  This is Texas and it was well over 70 when I got up at 7am to do the first side, but it still takes cure time.  Anyone that knows me... well, you know I am not a patient person once I start a project.

This is the plant that needs to be controlled.  Look at the size of that base, and this is just one part of the plant.  It is a 4'oclock that I got from my sweet MIL.  She waters hers every day and says they have to be in shade after four pm to bloom.  I tossed mine in the ground and they get watered thrown their direction when I water my flowers.  These have to be pruned back often, they will sprout up everywhere and take over your yard!  If you want some, come on over and help yourself.  I think that you could leave me just one sprout and they would be back in no time.  I just got these last year and they were under a fallen over fence for five weeks, they still came back.  Enough about the plant, just know that it is hardy!!!

Oh, and the blooms are fushia!  That is one reason I chose the teal, besides the fact that it is one of my favorite colors.

This is how it looks from my back door and picture window.  Oh, and when, not if ... cause all paints will eventually peal or flake... it is red underneath and should just look like a time worn peace.  That is my hope anyway.

That is all for now.  I am working on some other garden ideas, so check back next time for the "dish flowers" that will be finished soon!

Have a great Summer, stay cool and remember to click that follow box up on the right hand side.  Oh, leave some comments!  I love hearing from folks, I have the quietest followers around!  lol

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