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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas

Ok. As promised, here are a bunch of the pictures that I took on our recent trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. It is a free museum, but the parking is $10. Be sure to sign up at the desk while you are there, it is also free and you get prizes when you earn points. Earning points is easy, as you can just message the codes at each doorway to the number provided. My husband was able to get a huge book of the history of art on his first visit. Take your time, browse the photos. I would comment on each one, but for some reason, I can only type if I am in the HTML mode of blogger today...I will have to see if I can get this fixed and come back and tell you about some of my favorite pictures. At the end of the week, I hope to do another posting...we went to the Plano Balloon Festival this last weekend, and I have a ton of pictures to share. See ya soon, enjoy!!!


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