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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Main Street Cafe in Garland, Texas

We found a new place in town to eat, right down off the square here in Garland, Texas.  Main Street Cafe.  It is a family owned and run restaurant, with home style cooking.

One of the family is expecting twins, so they are hiring.

What a delightful surprise when we walked through the door!

I thought for sure that the prices were going to be high and the food was going to be that fancy stuff.  I am a plain Jane type of person, and I felt so special.

Cute little decorations around, and they were all for sale.

The owner's nephew was our waiter.  I had that chicken fried chicken, gravy, potatoes, green beans with a roll.  I would not do the green beans, they were not seasoned.

There are two rooms for eating, and this one was more private for a larger family.  There were lots of smaller tables in the area we were in.  Though they are very busy during the week, we went a bit late ... so there were not very many people there.

It was a very comfortable area.  If you are in the area, I would say you should stop in.  They take their day of rest on Sunday's and are closed then.  Be sure to tell them that you read about them on a blog.  I told them I was going to do a posting.

We got some coupons from  http://www.restaurant.com/listing/?zip=75040  you can get a $10 gift card for $4.

Well, I will be back sooner next time, and I am going to share pictures from a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas.

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