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Monday, January 6, 2014

From Christmas to Curtains...

Well, Christmas was fun and full of surprises.  If you read my last post, then you know that we went into the holidays with a great sadness in our hearts with the loss of my mother just weeks before.

To make it worse... I was scouring the master restroom the Saturday before Christmas and lost my wedding ring somewhere between the dresser that I had laid it on and who knows where. My phone would not let my husbands messages get through, and I was not due for an upgrade until Feb, 15th.

On the upside... I got to host both sides of the family at our home.  Hubby's side of the family all came on Christmas Eve for a Mexican fiesta.  My side all came over on Christmas Day for the traditional eats.  Both days went really well.  I was pleased, except that we didn't find my ring in any of the packages.

We went to AT&T and told them what was going on with the phone.  I got to start the new contract early, got $75 off phone of my choice without penalties, and didn't have to pay shipping or any of those "other" added charges.  New phone should be in between the following Wednesday and Friday.

On the Friday after Christmas, we went and ordered a sofa that we really liked from the Haverty's Outlet.  Ok, great, get to post the old one on the facebook garage sale site and hopefully get it out of there before Tuesday when the new one comes in. Why not, I have seen some stuff sell pretty quick, why not a couch?

Monday morning...this is where it ALL gets good, really GOOD!!!!  A single mom messages me that she really needs seating for herself and her son, can she come over first thing and get the sofa.  Doorbell rings... new sofa is here.  Fits perfectly!  Lady is due any minute when my daughter suggests that we look in the cushions, you know we always find coins and stuff in there.  Doorbell rings... I answer the door with tears rolling down my cheeks.  I am explaining to the lady that is there to get the couch that we just found my wedding ring in the couch!!!  I know that we had looked there before, but I guess it got scooted to the front?  Dunno.  Just Praising God!!!  She leaves with the old couch.  Doorbell rings... My new phone just got delivered.  WOW!!!  What a day!!!  Still feeling blessed!!!

Oh, the curtains part?  We had no curtains before all this started.  Just a top little valance.  We really needed some thermal lined curtains, something very inexpensive!  After several stores and patience running thin on some folks part...drum roll please... Anna's Linens came through.

Now, to go home and make it all look like it goes together in the bay window.

Ugly white rods... I have to find a way to make these work.  The window is crazy angles and new rods just are not in the budget!

Not much head room...gonna have to be creative.  I see another trip to the store in my future.  Maybe some clips that can go around the rods?

This shows the overhead alcove area a little bit better.  Talk about your wonkie windows!  Who designs these things?

Found these rod "clip rings" at Tuesday Mornings.  Got the three packages that they had and headed back home.  I was already thinking about the white rods...and plotting my next move.

These are the old ugly rods.

IF you have kept up with me at all, you know how I love spray paint.  I really am not too fearful of painting anything!

I knew that it was warm enough to do it, but only if I got to it right away.  Warmest part of the days here in Texas are from 2 to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Now, let me just state that several light coats, allowing drying time between each is the best route of action to take.  I did two medium coats, let them dry for about an hour.  Not what I would advise you doing!  I only scratched one though, and am very happy with the end results!

Back in the house.  These were curtains with the grommet holes in the tops.  Well, they were too long and I didn't like the top!  Yes, I bought them already knowing this.  I turned down the top to the inside and attached the clips!  Now, they are the right length!  And, I didn't have to do any sewing!!!  I win!

After I got one all measured out, then I just laid the next panel on top and attached the clips.

Clip and go!!!  I WILL be using this style of clip again!!!

I had to have four panels.  So two of the panels have one less (each) clip than the other two.  So...I just did some adjusting to space them out differently.

Loaded up my rod and hung up my curtains!

Ta-da!  New curtains on the old cheap white rods that have been spray painted!  Oh, I would also rather use Rustoleum for this type project, I just didn't have any at the time.

So...these are our new thermal lined curtains.  They are actually tan, brown, and blue.  Matches the rest of the room perfectly.  I hope that helped you in seeing that you can make changes fairly easily.  It doesn't always take sewing and a lot of cash.  These are not the $40 panels that so many of the department stores sell!  Think outside the box!  The hem didn't have to be at the bottom, and the ringed tops didn't mean that I had to use them!  In fact, I could have hung them upside down and hemmed up the ringed area if I just wanted to hem them.

Oh...guess who got to go to the last Cowboys game?  Yeppers!!!  Another great gift!

We were just 19 rows from the field on about the 40 yard line!

Any questions?  Hope you enjoyed this little read.  IF you would like to have me blog on something specific, please leave me a comment.  See ya in a couple weeks.  -Pam


  1. Nice! You see how beautiful it turned out, Pam? Being resourceful and creative may bear great rewards such as this new curtain you put up. It really doesn't matter if it's cheap, what matters is that it was an effective design that beautifies your room. How was the game, anyway?

    Roxie Tenner @ Window Treatments Philadelphia

    1. Game was good. We lost, but that is ok... was the experience of being right there! Oh, and I am going back to the store to get one more window panel to use for a bench seat cover in the entry so that it all coordinates nicely. Thank you for your kind comments! -Pam