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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fossil Rim and Dinosaur Park... Antique Shopping

Hey, gotta share some pictures from our latest outing.  I kidnapped my husband and we went to Glen Rose, Texas for the day.  So... let the pictures begin.

We left Garland around seven on Saturday morning.  Yes, I had my coffee on the road and woke up as we went along.  I am NOT an early riser!  But, hubby is and so it works out fine.  This group of pictures just goes to show the fog that morning.  Unreal...

As thick and dense as the fog was, when it cleared the day was gorgeous!  It got to the mid 80's.  That was Saturday, and as I type this up on Sunday... I can hear the sleet hitting the windows here.  Gotta love our Texas weather!!!

First stop, Fossil Rim.  What a beautiful day to take a three or four hour drive with the windows down!  Because it is prime time and a weekend, the price was $23.95 and the feed was $8.  Worth every penny of it, this was so much fun. This link will keep you up to date of closings due to weather, pricing, and other things going on at the reserve.  http://www.fossilrim.org/

Some animals were more shy than others.  As you will see below, you just have to wait... most of them will come over to the car.

You just can't look away for too long, the animals might be on their way into your vehicle when you turn back around.

Carry a wet washrag in a large ziplock, or a couple of them.  You WILL get slimmed!!!  You really don't wanna use baby wipes cause of the taste it will give the animals.  We would just wipe off on some napkins that we happened to have in the car.

This next set of pictures... oh how cool!  An ostrich!

This guy was aggressive!!!  I was so glad that I had the bag secured between my legs.  He just kept coming back.  Hubby finally had to just slowly drive away.  I think that was the area that we used the most food.  Speaking of the bag of food... we had leftovers and gave it to another family that was just starting the tour.  They give you about 2/3 a lunch bag of it for $8. 

I heard that you have some food for me?

The baby spotted dear, they never came over.

To see so many of these signs is sad... it tells you that lots of folks have ventured outside of their vehicles!

His friends must have sent him over.  Surprised hubby!  

When you get to the 1/2 way point, you can wash your hands in a sink with soap and water!!!  There are also restrooms and a petting zoo area there.

It was so bright out, that seeing through the camera phone... well, most of either the animal or I am missing!  Oh well, we got some.

Large turtle.  This thing was huge!!!  He was fenced, so I couldn't get close to him at all... bummer.

This is how hubby "poses" with the animals.  He's so cute!  Oh, which one?  Hubby or the goat?  Well,...

The gift shop had some severe fire damage and would not be opened for another week.  That is ok, we don't need to purchase more stuff that is just gonna sit around the house.  Photos are great and really all we needed!  Though, I did press a penny.

Plan to eat lunch at the half way point.  The food is good and the prices are too!  We got a burger and split it.  Then one soft drink (free refil) and a cold Gatorade.  Oh, the burger came with fried, they were so-so... the burger made up for it!

The rest of the trip if the opposite trails that you drove across coming in.  This time, you get a second chance to see everything again... except for the ostrich.  We didn't see them a second time.   

How graceful, to see these run was so neat.  You did have to be very patient and just wait for one to come to the car.  Also, when they are done, they are done.  This one didn't even visit the other side of the car.

My Mother's favorite animal was the giraffe.

The zebra came to both sides and were not shy, and were patient with us!

Ewww... can we say toothbrush dude?

Feeding time and glad they are behind that fence.

Couldn't get to the Rhinos either.  This one had been rolling in a mud pit.

There were just a few of these.

What a morning!  That was great!  I think that it would be beautiful to got back in the Spring, when everything is lush and green.  But, you have to remember the Texas heat can be bad.  It was the mid 80's when we left and a lot of the animals where chillin' in the shade of the trees.  So, I would say to get there early like we did so that you get the most interaction with the animals.

NEXT... we went up the road to the Dinosaur Park.  There are two, Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley State Park.  http://www.glenrosetexas.net/dinosaur-valley-state-park.html  Also, they are within just miles of each other.  

Here are just a few pictures that we got while there.  It got hot when we were hiking.  We got lost on the trails and a guy from England actually helped us find our way out.  But, it was fun, the scenery is beautiful!  If you can just take one hike... go the blue trail (the high one, not the low one! that is when we got lost!) and when you see the yellow trail turn left and take it to the TOP!  It is a walk, but so pretty!  Coming back down, when you see the turn that shows both the yellow and blue arrows, go down and to the right!!!  Anyway... here are the pictures we took on our phones.

There are tons of folks wading in the stream, my camera phone deletes out moving objects.  I was able to get a lot of them out!

On the way to the top...

This is at the top... so enjoy the breeze, cause you gotta make your way all the way back down now.  I do think that some of the other views on the way up are almost as pretty.  There are also benches at the top to sit and rest a bit. 

Thank you my dear hubby for a fantastic day!!!

We also did some fun shopping at a few antique shops... Was great to meet the owners, we had a blast visiting with them.  So, please stop in at these two shops that are close by in Rainbow, Texas.  Tell the ladies there that I said "Hello!"

The shops...

American Country Mall... Connie, 254-897-2049  and  Rainbow Station... Nancy, 254-396-1722.  Both are in Rainbow, Texas right there on Highway 67.  Lovely folks!  Wanna go back with my painting students in the late Spring.  

Ok... that is all for now.  I will be back in a few weeks.  Stay safe, stay warm, and be blessed!  Be sure to say a prayer for God to bless all the small business owners!  I know that I for one appreciate my customers and covet any prayers that I can get. - Pam

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