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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Washi Tape Holder for Scrapbooking and Crafting

So... we all go through several changes over time as we look to see what will work best for our crafting/scrapbooking area.  I just made a change that I love, truly!!!!  I knew that I wanted something to hold my tapes where I could get to them.  I didn't wanna put them on a spring rod and not be able to have it in my hand, I didn't want to toss them in a drawer or have to rummage through a basket any more either.

I knew that I wanted something like a gutter that I could just attach to the shelf and let it hang down.  I had seen that done for ribbons (though my ribbons are all in a book now, but that should be another blog posting! lol).  I knew that the guttering I had seen was too large, but I also knew that there had to be a solution out there somewhere.  So, off to HomeDepot I went, they should know me by name by now.

This is what I ended up purchasing.  Bottom Door Seal.... 36" long.. perfect!  Light weight, about seven dollars easy to install and I didn't have to paint or do anything to it.

This also comes in different lengths and colors.  My area was 36", so this was perfect.  You can see in the top picture that there is a back area that goes up the back of the door, that is what I screwed into the front of the shelf.  There are the little rubbery parts hanging down, and I was going to cut those off, but they really don't bother me... so I got lazy and left them.  Then, on the very front is the little rubber tube, and I knew that would hold the rolls on like the curve of the guttering.  I thought about using a couple yardsticks to make the "L" shape and then just glue straws across the front, but this was already done and just so easy.  Let's move on.

The above picture has the info on the packaging so that you will know what you are looking for if you decide to do this little project.   Please post in the comments if you do this project and would love to see a photo of it... did you find it easy?

Took everything off the shelf and put it down on the floor... marked where the holds would go.  I have plastic covered my table and shelves, so it does mean that the holes had to made in the plastic and fabric before I could screw the thing together.  IF I don't, the screw bites into the fabrics and twists it and just tears it up... I have experienced this first hand.

I didn't wanna drag out the drill and bits, so I just hammered in a large nail and then pulled it out.  Hole made and ready to move on.  There are five holes and screws that come for attaching, I only did every other one.  It is so lightweight that I knew that three would be plenty.

Wow... just realized how dusty that shelf is.  Here it is attached... very fast and easy!

This is just to show you looking from the back, part of the thingy sticks up over the top of the shelf.  I knew that it was a bit wider than what I needed, but I also knew that with what went on that shelf that it was gonna be ok.  You know how you can just expect something to go wrong on a project, no matter how simple?  Well, it didn't.... this went just like clock work, very easy!

This is the shelf put back up with the "bits container" and tv back up on it.

This is just a close up.  I was so glad that they sent little "white" screws that blended in so well.

Here is the shelf with the holder and the washi tape all in place.  You can see that I had to put the glittery washi over to the side, yes... I have too much washi.  Yet, I did notice that I need the reds and oranges!  Also, in the "bits" container right behind the tape, Those four drawers that are pulled out have my small clear decorative rolls of tapes that I got from China off AliExpress.  They are just cheap stuff that don't get used often and they fit there just fine. 

Here is a close up of how well the tapes fit in the Door Seal... perfect!  Also, you can see that there is a paper and ring there to the right top of the photo...  These are cut down index cards that have samples all my washi, where I got it or who made it... all hole punched and ready to look at if I need to.  I had made it when the tape was all in a basket as a reference.  I see no reason to just toss it out... it does include those rolls from China, so it is still useful even though I can see all the good stuff!

So, hope you enjoyed this little run through, maybe you could leave comments below of what you use or how you organize your washi or other supplies!  I like hearing from my readers!


  1. Excellent idea Pam. I have done various crafting and painting projects throughout the years, but nothing too much lately due to life's tugging in other directions, so I will admit I have never heard of "washi". What I wanted to comment on is this - there are so many products available in home improvement stores that with a little imagination, can be used in many different ways throughout our homes with very little cost; what ones sees on the package does not necessarily dictate it's use. Cheers to thinking "out of the box" :)

    1. I hardly ever think "inside" that box! Thanx and hope you get back to your "you" project time soon! Thanx for reading!

  2. Wow, that works well!

    1. Suse!!!! So great to hear from you. Yes, it worked out really well. I walked the store forever before I found what I wanted, but I knew it when I saw it. (hugs)